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20th. April 2018

"M" Litter reaches 5 weeks! click on pic or HERE: to advance..

7 healthy and wonderful puppies born from Daisy Blossom's Vita v. West.

25th. April 2018

Our "N" Litter is two weeks old today. 5 beautiful puppies from Flora x Random. See latest pics Here:

13th. February 2018

Fredericia International Show. Daisy Blossom's "Lancaster" (Chelsea) Best in Show Puppy!! Read More:

Velkommen til Kennel Daisy Blossom's - opdræt af Dansk Kennel Klub registrerede Jack Russell Terrier.

Håber siden vil give et godt indtryk af vore Jack Russell terriere og give et indblik i hvor alsidig og vidunderlig en hund Jack Russell terrieren er.


God fornøjelse!



Welcome to our Jack Russell Homepage, Danish Kennel Club registered.

We hope that you get a good impression of our terriers from these pages, and also, a good insite into the marvellous dog known as the "Jack Russell".





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