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DAISY BLOSSOMs brother and sister

D B Newmarket / RILEY no. 3 in Freestyle Danish Championship together with his

Jette R Falk

D B Nigella / ROSA 2.nd best female with CAC Danish Terrier Club show

Sire: CH Houleton Estro

Dam: CH Daisy Blossoms Flora


Gave til DM søndag 6/9 2020


Pakket og klar til at komme med Jette GIZMO og RILEY til Vilhelmsborg.

Held og Lykke til alle deltagere

17. august 2020

6 years today

DAISY BLOSSOM's Gold-litter

CH Hviebakkens Dreamcatcher X CH Daisy Blossom's Clovelly


D B's Goldrush / Freddy

D B's Marigold / Ebba

D B's Goldrunner / Luis

D B's Golddigger


Qualified for Danish Championships in Freestyle 1 (dog dancing)

DAISY BLOSSOMS NEWMARKET / Riley together with his handler and co-owner Jette. (Today no 5 out of 13)

Sire: CIB Huoleton Estro

Dam: CH Daisy Blossoms Flora.

Very proud breeder



DAISY BLOSSOM's L-litter 3 years old today!


"Lancelot" ️


"L️exberry" ️


Very proud of this message from Tallin today -

Daisy Blossoms Newmann / NANO, smooth boy (CH Houleton Estro x CH Daisy Blossoms Flora) today Estonian Champion

Nano's father CH Houleton Estro / RANDOM - BOB

Biig congratulations to owners and handlers


So proud of this couple -

Daisy Blossoms Newmarket / RILEY (CH Houleton Estro x CH Daisy Blossoms Flora)

and coowner

Jette R Falk

Today at Danish Kennel Club competition No 3, beginners class in HTM


Oldest boy in our family - CHALKY 13 years today

DKCH DECH DEVDHCH and working tests

A BOY LIKE ALLSTAR of Cathy’s Cottage.

Still full of character, self esteem and nice hair style.

Hygge i haven 
Besøg af Jette, GIZMO og RILEY


Life is not bad - sunshine on the patio.


DAISY BLOSSOM's glathårede K-kuld 3 år idag

(15.04.2017 2 hanner og 3 tæver)

D B's Kiss it Better

D B's Kiss and Tell

D B's Kiss and Make up

D B's Kiss Me Quick

D B's Sealed with a Kiss


DAISY BLOSSOM's A-kuld blev 13 år igår (Undskyld jeg glemte det!)

Det var vores allerførste kuld og der var 3 hanner og 2 tæver, 12.04.2007

D B's Angel

D B's April

D B's Albert

D B's Archie

D B's Andy


TILLYKKE til DAISY BLOSSOM's N-kuld, 2 år idag

D B's Newmann (bor i Estland)

D B's Newton Abbot

D B's Newmarket

D B's Naomi

D B's Nigella


2 års fødselsdag 6 tæver og 1 han


D. B May West

D. B Miss Lillie

D. B Madonna

D. B Megan

D. B Minelli

D. B Marilyn Monroe

D. B Milton

Tillykke til ejere med jeres herlige basser og tak for altid dejlige tilbagemeldinger


Youngest boy in the DAISY BLOSSOMs team - DAISY BLOSSOMs Heart of Oak / WOODY, smooth 8 month old.

Sire: CH Raaw Grand Slam / TENNIS

Dam: CH Daisy Blossoms Flora


We are watching Jacks from CRUFTS.


Daisy Blossom's H-kuld 4 år i dag.
🌸️ Sweetheart / SWEETY❤️
🌸 Lionheart / LION 💙
🌸 Goldheart / MILO 💙
🌸 Heartbreaker / HENRY 💙

De bedste hilsner fra os til jer alle og håber det er verdens bedste Jack Russells I har hver og især.

Danish Kennel Club IDS in Fredericia 9/2 2020 🐾🐾

Our little firecracker Girl did so well-
Sire: CH Houleton Estro
Dam: CH Daisy Blossom’s Flora

DAISY BLOSSOM’s May West / Bjørk - Excellent CK, plac 2, interm. class
Showed by BJØRK’s very own Kirsten Østergaard - thank you Kirsten 😘
Sire: CH All Jacks Wind ‘N Wood
Dan: CH Daisy Blossom’s Clovelly

I had the pleasure of showing
CHANDLER, open class male -
2nd Best male R.CAC R.CACIB
Sired by our CH DAISY BLOSSOM’s Goldrunner / Luis
Congratulations to owner Cecilie Nør-Jensen
Breder: Lars Trier

Judge: Jose Homem De Mello, Portugal
Congratulations to Elisabeth Stromberg with BOB

Dansk Terrier Club show 8/2 2020
CHANDLER open class - Excellent CK 1 place and 4th best male
Sire: CH CIB Daisy Blossoms Goldrunner / LUIS
Owner: Cecilie Nør Jensen


Smooth tricolor boy
Sire: CH CIB Houleton Estro
Dam: CH Daisy Blossom’s Flora

Patella lux: 0/0
ECVO eyes: Clear
PLL: Clear SCA: Clear LOA: Clear

🌸 DAISY BLOSSOM's smooth O-litter 8 weeks old today - yesterday the traditional trip to the beach and photos of "us all"

From left:
🌸 D B's Over The Moon
🌸 D B's Solid as an Oak
🌸 D B's Heart Of Oak
🌸 D B's On The Rocks

Good day and good results from the eye specialist - vet. Gunnar Gram, DK.

Our youngsters:
🌼Daisy Blossom's Nigella / ROSA - ECVO ✅ and Patella Lux 0/0
🌼Daisy Blossom's Newmarket / RILEY - ECVO ✅ and Patella Lux 0/0
🌼Daisy Blossom's May West / BJØRK - ECVO ✅ and Patella Lux 0/0

Finally our 5 year old Champion boy got renewed his eye test
🌼CH Daisy Blossom's Goldrunner / LUIS - ECVO ✅

30.06.2019: Very hot day at Terrier-Special Show OG-7 Türme DE
Judge: Agnieszka Nowak-Patyniak PL

Junior class: Daisy Blossoms Nigella (Rosa)
1st place junior CAC KfT + VDH and BOB junior 🌻

Intermediate class: Daisy Blossom’s May West (Björk) 1st place CAC KfT + VDH, best female, and BOS 🌻

Trained, groomed and showed by Kirsten Østergaard - thank you so much for your dedicated work with Bjørk❣️👏👏

13. juni 2019 

12 YEARS OLD TODAY ❤️🐾🦴🐾🇩🇰
DKCH DECH DEVDHCH (Working tests -fox)
A Boy Like Allstar of Cathy's Cottage / CHALKY

Proud of this handsome smooth boy - given us so much in every way❣️

Nordic show in Vejen, DK. 21/6 2019
🌸 DAISY BLOSSOM’s Nigella / ROSA - winner of junior class, excellent CQ and jun CAC.
Finished of as 4.th best bitch 🌸🌸
🌸 D B’s May West / BJØRK - junior class excellent and plac. 3.
Presented to perfection by BJØRK’s one and only Kirsten Østergaard 🌹
🌸 D B’s Lavender / LAVA- winner of intermediate class with excellent.
Owner and handled by Anita Skou Henriksen🌹
Lovely day in super company - thank you!!

DAISY BLOSSOM's Jack Russells weekend 25-26/5 2019.
🌸D.B's May West 2 shows in Neumunster, Germany:
IDS show - BOB junior, jun.CAC KfT and VDH ,+ Neumunster junior Sieger
KfT show - BOB junior, jun.CAC KfT and VDH.
(handled to perfektion by Kirsten Østergaard 🌹)
Now ready to be Junior CH KfT and VDH
🌸 D.B's Megan Terrier show in Hårlev, Denmark:
Excellent CQ plac.1, Jun.CAC and Club junCAC, BOB junior and 3.rd. best bitch (Owner kennel Jackstars Ingelise Frennesen)
🌸 D.B's Lexberry show in Orre, Norway:
Excellent CQ plac.1.and 2.nd. best bitch + CAC.
(Owner Mette Erklev)

🌸D.B's Marigold tracking rabbit 1000 m (S 1) - 1.st price
🌸D.B's Madonna debut at tracking rabbit 400 m - 1.st price
(Owner of both Anne Kristensen)
Location - Hune in Denmark

Congratulations to you all for your dedicated and hard work - Ben and I are very proud❣️

Danish Kennel Club (k.5) open show in Billund 27/4 19.

🌸 DAISY BLOSSOM’s Nigella / Rosa -
BOB og BIG4 💕🌷💕
Sire: CIB Houleton Estro
Dam: CH Daisy Blossom‘s Flora

2 år idag 🇩🇰🐾🦴🐾🦴🐾🇩🇰
Alle glathårede😘
Far: CH A Boy Like Allstar of Cathy’s Cottage / CHALKY
Mor: Flygenrings Betty Boop / BETTY

TILLYKKE med 12 års fødselsdag 🇩🇰🇩🇰
til 🌼DAISY BLOSSOM's første hvalpekuld, Tricolor, broken og ruhåret ❤️❤️💙💙💙
Tiden går alt for hurtigt

1 year old today DAISY BLOSSOM's N-litter ❤️❤️💙💙💙
Smooth and broken

Danisk Terrier Club double CAC show 6-7 of April 2019.

🌼DAISY BLOSSOM’s Jacks on Saurday (33 JRT judge John Canty, IE)

🌼CH Raaw Grand Slam: Vet cl. Excellent 1, CQ, BOB veteran and BIS2 veteran (+ big cup for oldest veteran)

🌼 Nigella: Jun.cl. Excellent

🌼 Megan: Jun.cl. Excellent 3 (Owner kennel Jackstars)

🌼 Lavender: Interm.cl. Excellent 2 with CQ,

(Owner Anita Skou Henriksen)

🐶 Chandler: (Son of our CH D.B’s Goldrunner / Luis)

Open cl. Very Good 3. (Owner Cecilie Nør-Jensen)


🌼DAISY BLOSSOM's Jacks on Sunday (30 JRT judge Elisabeth Feuz, AT)

🌼CH Raaw Grand Slam: Vet cl. Excellent 1, CQ,

BOS veteran and DTK vet.Winner19.

🐶 Chandler: (Son og our CH D.B’s Goldrunner / Luis)

Open cl. Excellent 3. (Owner Cecilie Nør-Jensen)

🌼 May West: Jun.cl. excellent 1 with CQ and jun.CAC.

Best junior and DTK jun.Winner19.

2nd. best female with CAC

(Handled by her very best Kirsten Østergaard 🌹)

🌼 Megan: Jun.cl. Excellent 3 (Owner kennel Jackstars)

🌼 Lavender: Interm.cl. Excellent 2 with CQ,

(Owner Anita Skou Henriksen)

IDS Fredericia, DK 9.02.2019

Nice day for 🌼DAISY BLOSSOM’s Jacks.

🌼 May West: Jun.cl. excellent 1 with CQ and junCAC. (Handeld by Kirsten Østergaard 🌹)

🌼 Megan: Jun.cl. very good 3 (Owner kennel Jackstars)

🌼 Lavender: Interm.cl. excellent 1 with CQ, 3rd. best femaler, res.CAC and res.CACIB (Owner Anita Skou Henriksen)

🐶Ebbe: (Smooth son of our CH Raaw Grand Slam /Tennis) Jun.cl. excellent 1. Owner family Bendixen.

🐶 Chandler: (Son og our CH D.B’s Goldrunner / Luis) Open cl. excellent 1 with CQ, 4th. best male, res.CAC. (Owner Cecilie Nør-Jensen)

29. December 2018

Our smooth girl


5 years old today

Sire:CH A Boy like Allstar of Cathy´s Cottage

Dam: Flygenrings Betty Boop

Great grandfather: CH Raaw Grand Slam