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Herlig Jack Russell terrier hanhund, 13 måneder gammel, renlig, ruhåret og hvid med tan aftegn.

Dansk Kennel Klub stamtavle, fuldt vacineret og EU-pas.

Han er en herlig og glad velsocialiseret dreng. Elsker lange ture i naturen og han er selvfølgelig vant til at være med i bilen også.

Har været udstillet og er dermed vant til at omgås andre hunde/racer.

En dejlig hund som vil være ideel til aktiv frilufts-familie.

Kun seriøse henvendelser!

Kirsten Østergaard - tel: 5130 7468 - mail: kirstenogtommy@gmail.com


Kirsten Majgaard Watts - tel: 2627 5430 - mail: kirstenwatts@gmail.com

26th. May 2018. Random x. Flora "N" Litter. See Video here:

14th. March 2018.   PUPPIES! Mid-April

This latest union is made from two beautiful Jack Russells. Our own Daisy Blossom's Flora was covered by Huoleton Estro "Random" in Estonia in February. Ramdom in a powerful male with beautiful preportions.  Multi-Champion, Multi-Junior Champion and many Winner Titles. He has been best Jack Russell in Estonia for three concurent years. We are so excited by this union and scanning has confirmed there are puppies on the way!

Chelsea shows ring skills way beyond his tender six month age. Even at this early age, we are impressed by his intelligence, character and endurance.

Chelsea and Mum celebrate after the judgement:

13th. February 2018

International dogshow in Fredericia, Denmark 13.02.2018 with our Daisy Blossom's Jacks.

36 JRT. Judge Ligita Zake.

Thanks to owners and helpers hard work, we had a fantastic day

🌸 Daisy Blossom's Lancaster/CHELSEA - BOB puppy and BIS1 puppy, handled to perfection of Kirsten Østergaard.

(CH All Jacks Wind N'Wood x MultiCH Daisy Blossom's Clovelly/VITA)

🌸 Daisy Blossom's Lavender/LAVA - very prommissing female pyppy, plac 2. Handler & owner Anita Skou Henriksen

(CH All Jacks Wind N'Wood x MultiCH Daisy Blossom's Clovelly/VITA)

🌸 Daisy Blossom's Ivory/BELLIS - excellent interm.cl. female plac. 2.

Handler & owner Ulla Kristensen

(CH Raaw Grand Slam/TENNIS x Toutchstone Ballyhoo Jach/HOLLY)

🌸 Daisy Blossom's Goldrunner/LUIS best CH male, CACIB and BOS.


(MultiCH Hvilebakkens Dreamcatcher/BØFFE x MultiCH Daisy Blossom's Clovelly/VITA)

🌸 Raaw Grand Slam/TENNIS - best veteran and Vet.CAC

(CH Macullen Banjo Boy x CH Stella) Breeder Linda Rönnqvist Raaw.

13th. January 2018

PUPPIES!! We are expecting puppies in March 2018! Our DAISY BLOSSOM'S CLOVELLY (Vita) who has been covered by ALL JACKS WIND N' WOOD (West)

10th. January 2018

Daisy Blossom's LANCASTER (Chelsea) is ready for the beginnning of his show career in 2018 and is looking exceptionally fine for a 5 month old male.